Why invest in luxury properties in Auron?

The Auron resort, located about 100 km from Nice, Cannes and Monaco and the largest resort in the Alpes-Maritimes, adapts to a new, more exclusive and demanding clientele and has only recently initiated its transition to a high-standing, luxury resort as can be found in Savoy, including Courchevel, Megeve and Meribel. Investing in luxury chalets in Auron therefore represents a great opportunity for those who intend to have fun, but also to build wealth, possible to transmit to your children or grandchildren, or rent to demanding vacationers. It is a safe and profitable investment which guarantees you a long-term return.

Auron: a luxury destination

Choosing the Auron resort means choosing an exceptional heritage, in a preserved natural, family setting in a dynamic ski resort.

Auron offers privileged access to the Mercantour skiable domain, with more than 130 km of slopes, as well as many sports and cultural activities throughout the year. It is also a popular destination for fans of gastronomy and well-being, with star-quality restaurants and exceptional spas. Auron is a luxury ski resort, which combines the charm and the authenticity of a mountain village, the comfort and modernity of a ski resort, and the proximity and accessibility of large cities. Auron is the "Sport Chic" resort by excellence of the Côte d'Azur.

Family experiences in a luxurious setting

For families eager for memorable winter adventures, Auron offers much more than immaculate slopes. The youngest members of the family will be enchanted by days filled with fun discoveries, whether through ski lessons adapted to their level or off-piste activities specially designed to amaze the small adventurers.  Parents can rejoice in the warm and secure atmosphere of the resort, where well thought-out family facilities, snow -capped play areas and special events create an idyllic setting for shared moments.  After a day of exploration, families can withdraw into luxurious accommodations, where spacious rooms and equipment dedicated to children provide well -deserved rest. In Auron, the family experience is not limited to the slopes, but extends to each corner of the resort, creating precious memories in a luxury alpine setting.

Investing in the Auron heritage

Investing in Auron goes far beyond a simple financial transaction. It is the establishment of an authentic heritage in the heart of the Maritimes Alps. This ski resort, with a unique alpine charm and a spectacular setting, offers judicious investment opportunities, while creating a story to transmit from generation to generation. Modern infrastructure and high-end services, associated with surrounding natural beauty, make Auron a place where investments are transformed into inheritances, assets to cherish and share with future generations. By investing in Auron, you shape a timeless imprint, a story mixing financial success and unforgettable moments.

Advantages of Auron luxury properties

Luxury real-estate in Auron is distinguished by its exceptional proximity to the prestigious Côte d'Azur, thus offering an exclusive lifestyle between the snowy peaks of the Maritimes Alps and Mediterranean glamor. Located at a short distance by car from emblematic destinations such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco, Auron allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. This proximity to major cultural and economic centers offers a cosmopolitan life without compromising the intimacy and tranquility offered by the Alpine setting of Auron. Investing in luxury real-estate in Auron thus becomes a gateway to a privileged lifestyle, combining the pleasures of skiing in winter with Mediterranean sophistication in summer, all within a reasonable distance from the jewels of the Côte d'Azur.

Vivaldi Auron: The exceptional chalet apartments of RISING STONE in Auron

Actor of luxury specializing in prestigious mountain real-estate, located on the most beautiful Alpine sites, Rising Stone is implanted in the pleasure resort of Auron with its new program: Vivaldi-Auron. The Vivaldi Auron chalet apartments are the fruit of a meticulous design, offering sumptuous living spaces and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This exclusive program embodies unparalleled residential experiences, combining modern infrastructure and elegance. Whether for a winter retreat or a permanent residence, these homes offer privileged access to the pleasures of the mountains, while being close to the glamorous destinations of the Côte d'Azur. Rising Stone, via its exceptional Vivaldi-Auron program, redefines the art of living in the mountains, offering a unique opportunity to invest in an exceptional living environment.

Looking beyond Auron... Why invest in the Alps?

Investing in luxury real estate in Auron is just one example of the many opportunities offered by the Alps in the luxury real estate market. Indeed, the Alps are a coveted destination for real estate investors from around the world, attracted by the stunning landscapes, renowned ski resorts, and exclusive lifestyle. If you are interested in prestigious real estate investment in the Alps, discover the reasons to invest in luxury real estate in the Alps.

A lake in the middle of a snowy Alpine valley