Discover the Courchevel ski resort

At the heart of the majestic French Alps, the prestigious Courchevel resort reveals itself, nestled in the largest ski area in the world, the 3 Valleys. It embodies a luxurious universe, welcoming those who perfectly ally elegance, sport and authenticity. An internationally renowned destination, the singularity of the Courchevel resort manifests itself in its diversity with 5 altitudes. Each one revealing panoramas and unique ways to observe the mountainous landscapes, thus creating an unforgettable experience.

Skiing in Courchevel

The Village of the Courchevel resort is a universe where sport passions come to life. Carefully maintained slopes offer ideal conditions for a variety of winter activities. Experienced monitors supervise activities for unforgettable moments, with an atmosphere where competition is mixed with elegance. Highlighted in the Alps, the ski resort does very well thanks to the richness of its ambiances. Whether for a peaceful holiday in the heart of spruce forests or for a sporting stay, happiness is found in Courchevel.

Six villages in one resort

The 6 villages of Courchevel, perched on the heights of the Tarentaise Valley, delicately appear over the road, among landscapes between forests and breathtaking views. These 6 villages, connected by ski lifts or free shuttles, define Courchevel as the exceptional resort where the concept of "skis on the feet" makes sense. In each village, excellence is the key word, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the guests an experience that surpasses expectations, where refinement is harmoniously combined with the French Alps. The culture of detail thus creates a framework where each aspect is meticulously taken into account to ensure an unforgettable stay.

The original village, Saint-Bon welcomed the first construction of a hotel in 1908, Lac Bleu. Its baroque church, its authentic alleys and its pleasant accommodations make this a setting of great history. Thanks to free and regular shuttles, villages are linked to each other. For the most courageous visitors, walking trails also allow you to explore.


Distinguished by its authentic architecture, Courchevel Le Praz is characterized by its chalets and small alleys where life is good.This village is also renowned for ski jumping, housing Olympic springboards unique in France. In this traditional village, residents and travelers share the same state of mind: the tranquility of a peaceful life.

Courchevel Le Praz

The most recent resort of the 3 Valleys, Courchevel La Tania, offers a haven of peace, a completely pedestrian station that delights both children and adults. Each activity is carefully designed to satisfy visitors and residents looking for relaxation, entertainment or gastronomic pleasures. Courchevel La Tania: a distinctive experience.

Courchevel La Tania

Courchevel village centralizes everything for optimal comfort in a family atmosphere. The ski slopes are accessible, in just 5 minutes on foot, thanks to direct access to Courchevel 1850, as well as to the entire ski area. The 2.5 km tobogganing track promises a descent to the center of the village, ideal for family activities.

Courchevel Village

Chalets in a snowy Alpine valley

The Courchevel Moriond sector is imbued with the golden colors of the sun. In this bucolic universe, forests and pastures invite visitors to dream. Adventure along the Rosière creek with hiking or during an ascent on the Via Ferrata. Time seems suspended, inviting travelers to wander along the main street.

Courchevel Moriond

Pioneers, at the origin of the international reputation enjoyed by the resort, Courchevel 1850 has an aura of excellence and a know-how which pervades its establishments. Irresistible, Courchevel also presents itself as the perfect place for fashion connoisseurs, gastronomy, festive celebrations and bewitching nightly pleasures.

Courchevel 1850

The Courchevel restaurants

Explore the gastronomic delights that make Courchevel renowned. Refined restaurants, celebrated for their culinary excellence, invite you to savor exceptional dishes while enjoying spectacular panoramas. A gastronomic experience that combines refinement and breathtaking views.

Easy access from Lyon and Chambery

Courchevel offers privileged access from emblematic cities, just 2 hours from the Lyon Airport, 1 ½ hours from Chambery and 30 minutes from the Moûtiers train station. Rapid and comfortable links ensure an agreeable trip to this Alpine pearl. During the trip, the road is always cleared, allowing majestic views, revealing the charming villages of Courchevel, nestled between lush forests and sunny plateaus. Thus, your mountain getaway is inaugurated in an atmosphere of complete serenity.

Alpine residences in Courchevel

Alpine refinement is revealed in sumptuous residences in Courchevel, true architectural gems nestled in the majestic setting of the French Alps. Each Rising Stone chalet blends elegance with luxurious amenities. An exceptional refuge, where comfort meets authenticity in perfect balance. Panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, sumptuously appointed interiors and personalized services redefine the mountain experience. For those seeking exclusivity and harmony with nature, a promise of unrivalled sophistication is embodied by alpine residences in Courchevel, transforming every stay into an exquisite and memorable experience.