• Illustration de la vallée de Méribel


Why invest in Méribel ?

  • At the heart of the world’s biggest ski area

    Considered one of the finest ski resorts in the Alps, Méribel sits at the very heart of the world’s biggest ski area; The Three Valleys. For several years, Rising Stone has been investing in development in the valley through its highly luxurious construction projects. Investing in property in Méribel is to ensure an investment in an exclusive, secure and tangible asset.

    Méribel - Pourquoi acheter
  • Rare and exclusive building land

    Every year, building land in the heart of the Three Valleys is getting increasingly rare. The developments we are offering you represent the last opportunities to invest in new-build in Méribel. A policy of respect for the codes governing the mountains and their architecture, is limiting development consent and accordingly it is becoming exclusive.

    Photo of the Méribel slopes
  • The perfect area for skiing

    Méribel is the uncut jewel of the exceptional Three Valleys ski area. Elegant and discreet, it has been able to retain an authentic style and spirit through an architecture which blends harmoniously into its natural surroundings. Because of it central position at the heart of the Three Valleys, Méribel provides direct access to the 105 km² of the ski area considered and recognised as the best in the world.

    Le parfait domaine pour skier
  • Non-skiing activities

    The mountains can be enjoyed just as much when the snowy blanket covers the slopes as when you take off your skis to see the area in a different light. Rock-climbing, skiing, walking, maiden flights and a whole raft of activities beyond skiing is available. The active and not-so-active will find fulfilment. As a family, amongst friends or on your own, you will be able to recharge your batteries and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Méribel

    Motoneige sur piste et sommets de Méribel