Interview Tiffany Bouelle: painting as a vocation

The emotion in the gesture

Becoming a painter: an unsatisfied passion

Born into a family of artists, Tiffany Bouelle has always wanted to become a painter, but always associated this profession with distress and precarity. After art school, up until she was 25, she evolved in the world of fashion, when, victim of a serious car accident, she put things into perspective. “It was like an electroshock. I had decided that my life would be dedicated to my first love, painting.” She organized her first exhibition which was a success and was approached by the artistic director for the line of handbags Moynat for her first collaboration. “From there, everything got started and I was able to quickly live from my artwork.”

Making Japanese calligraphy become French

Originally French-Japanese, the artist has always lived in Paris, but was immersed in the Nipon culture, notably on her grand-father’s side, who was a calligraphy master, and introduced her to this art.  “I evolved the calligraphy to a French style, that combination is present in my work, inspired by the gestures of this artform.  No matter the series and their inspirations, I always have a spontaneous gesture, frequently in a single gest, that I work and re-work with different supports.”  This gesture traces an emotion, a feeling.  Inspired by women, the artist created a series of portraits by synaesthesis.  « When I meet with these women, I see forms and colors and I interpret the exchanges into a piece of art.”

Collaborations and exhibitions combined with liberty and precision

Renowned brands request Tiffany’s collaboration, allowing her to express her artwork on different supports and widen her experimentation spectra. Parallelly, she regularly exhibits her work either with other artists or solo. Since November 18th, for 2 months, an exhibition dedicated to her work can be seen in the Gallery Porte B in Paris. This is an opportunity to discover her universe mixed with liberty and precision.

Through her spontaneous paintings, Tiffany Bouelle goes beyond traditional art. Explore her fascinating universe by visiting her website, an invitation to visual travels based on Japanese calligraphy. Each stroke of the paint brush tells a story and each canvas becomes an open window to a unique vision of this artist.