Rising Stone: The expertise of custom-made

Interior designer Jean-Marc Mouchet: iconic creator of Rising Stone personalized mountain residences

Jean-Marc MOUCHET, interior designer renowned for his emblematic creations in the mountains, is the genius behind the prestigious Rising Stone residences. He proposes fully personalized conceptions and designs. He employs a singular approach for each individual request. Each area benefits from a meticulous personalized study, in close collaboration with our clients.

3D space exploration: unique turnkey designs tailored to each project.

The exploration of the spaces is through 3D numeric perspective visualizations, offering a complete mastering of the volumes and meticulous optimization of the lay-outs. From the initial graphic concept to the choice of materials through to the delivery phase, each project is conceived as a turn-key achievement, fully adapted and unique.

Authenticity and modernity in every Jean-Marc Mouchet project: a harmonious fusion of mountain codes and varied styles.

The authenticity and modernity are reflected in each Jean-Marc MOUCHET achievement. The mountain codes are harmoniously combined into a diversity of styles. The furnishings are created with distinct craftsmanship expertise. We use noble materials, optimizing exposure to create naturally luminous spaces throughout the year. Each of the elements work together to define your exceptional apartment.