Why is Rising Stone different?

The words of Jean Thomas Olano highlight the added value of Rising Stone: An investment in complete peace of mind.

The transparency

"Make yourself a seller by buying and a buyer by selling, and you will sell and buy justly".
François de Sales

For Jean-Thomas Olano, transparency is a fundamental value at Rising Stone. Having been a customer before becoming a player in the property market, he makes it a point of honour to sell what he would like to buy. "We say what we do, we do what we say" could be the motto of the team, whose aim is to do better and better with each project, and to compromise on nothing. "We are absolutely transparent with our customers about the rationale behind our choices and the value of each element and each hour of work.

Once you understand the artists' approach, the expertise required and the scale of the work involved, the work takes on a whole new value.

Customized property management

Considering that protecting one's capital is the common denominator for all buyers, the choice of uses will depend on the objectives of the client’s wealth. For some, living longer in their second home in the mountains will be facilitated by optimal conditions for telecommuting; for others, the investment will bring a financial return with rental profitability that will support the value of the investment. Wealth management is tailored to the professional and family situation of our clients, as well as to their projects, with the common feature of a strong potential for increasing the value of their property.

Professional, personalized support

Rising Stone surrounds themselves with experts who provide customized private wealth management advice, property investment solutions, fiscal advice, retirement planning and wealth transfer advice.

The excellence of Rising Stone

By Jean-Thomas Olano

"We operate inversely to most in this profession. A developer usually adapts production costs according to the market price, to which margins are added, to then determine a quality and a production concept. We do things differently, by looking for the best locations and then carrying out our market and feasibility studies, far from any idea of densification. We then calibrate our construction costs and the final selling price, which we make sure remains competitive. Our products may be expensive, but they don’t cost too much for their intrinsic quality.”

The excellence of Rising Stone is revealed through a singular approach, guided by the enlightened vision of a professional team. Each and every one of our clients find satisfaction in flexible asset management, tailored to their personal goals and aspirations. Investing with Rising Stone is much more than a simple acquisition, it's about enhancing your assets.