Courchevel Saint-Bon: Discover the historic village

19 June 2024 • 3 min read

Courchevel Saint-Bon, often hailed as the birthplace of Courchevel, sits majestically at 3,609 feet of elevation in Savoie. This hamlet is one of the oldest in the region, and boasts a unique cultural richness that continues to win over anyone who visits.

Lovers of history and authenticity are particularly drawn to this village, where traditional charm blends harmoniously with the Alpine environment. This select clientele flocks to the luxury chalets that blend discreetly into the landscape, offering a subtle blend of understated prestige and preserved heritage.

In Courchevel Saint-Bon, every building and street corner tells a story, making it a privileged destination for those looking for a setting steeped in history and genuine tranquility.

I. The history and heritage of Courchevel Saint-Bon

Courchevel Saint-Bon stands out as one of the resort’s oldest villages, boasting a rich cultural heritage handed down through the generations. This historic hamlet is home to architectural gems such as the 17th-century parish church of Saint-Bon, and the region’s first hotel, Le Lac Bleu, built in 1908. Visitors can also discover an ancient communal oven, stroll through the Baroque church, and admire the old mill, enriching their experience with an authentic trip back through time. The traditional chalets lining the village’s streets offer undeniable charm and are highly sought-after for their character and elegance.

II. The activities and advantages of Courchevel Saint-Bon

Aside from its picturesque charm, Courchevel Saint-Bon stands out as a destination where the diversity of activities promises to meet all expectations. The region’s ski slopes, which reach 5,905 feet of elevation, guarantee optimal snowfall throughout the winter season, delighting skiers of all abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find slopes to suit your level, with exceptional conditions for both skiing and snowboarding.
For thrill-seekers, Courchevel Saint-Bon also offers a variety of exciting activities. Snow scooters provide thrilling adventures through snow-covered landscapes, while mountaineering guides can take you to scale the majestic peaks if you fancy a more demanding challenge. Meanwhile, night skiing sessions add an exhilarating dimension to traditional skiing, with visitors flying down the slopes under a starry sky.
When winter gives way to the warmer months, Courchevel Saint-Bon transforms into a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails abound, winding through breathtaking mountain landscapes offering unparalleled panoramic views. Paragliding is another popular activity, with spectacular views of the valley and the surrounding peaks, while rock climbing and mountain biking are a big draw for those looking to explore the region in a more intense and personal way.
The nearby amenities also add to Courchevel Saint-Bon’s appeal. Local restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, from traditional Savoyard specialties to refined gourmet options, ensuring a memorable culinary experience at every meal. Shopping opportunities, from souvenir shops to specialty sports stores and delicatessens, cater to the daily needs of residents and visitors alike, enriching community life.

III. The charm and authenticity of property in Courchevel Saint-Bon

Courchevel Saint-Bon is the ideal setting for those seeking a unique living environment combining tangible charm and prestige. At Rising Stone, we offer homes that embody modern comfort while respecting the traditional style of the region. Our chalets, which combine stone and wood, are designed to maximize both functionality and aesthetics, offering an idyllic living environment in which to take full advantage of snowy winters and Savoyard traditions.
Courchevel Saint-Bon is, without doubt, a place where an easy lifestyle blends perfectly with a rich cultural offering. Investing in a property here guarantees not only an exceptional living environment but also significant added value to your real estate investment. For those looking to purchase the chalet of their dreams in Courchevel Saint-Bon, our expert team at Rising Stone is on hand to guide you through the entire purchasing process, ensuring a carefree, rewarding experience.