La Maison Rising Stone: Know-how and excellence

Much more than a developer, Rising Stone sees itself as a creator of tailor-made real estate, following an approach and ethic of perpetual self-improvement.

The acquisition steps in the luxury property market

Buying a luxury property is an experience that combines refinement, prestige and investment.

The acquisition steps in the luxury property market

Luxury, a safe haven

L'achat d'un bien immobilier de luxe est une expérience qui conjugue raffinement, prestige et investissement.

Investing in a second home in the mountains

Living near the peaks

Rising Stone chalet apartment owners are spending more and more time in the heights.

Mountain Property

The benefits of mountain sports

Dopamine, serotonin, cortisol… when the benefits of mountain sports boost your interior chemistry.

The benefits of mountain sports


With exclusive interviews, we invite you to discover the passionate voices that reveal the secrets and challenges of those who have chosen the mountains.

Inspiring encounters in the mountains

Emotion, with visionary brands

Much more than a simple alliance, these partnerships embody the perfect fusion of bold creativity and innovative vision.

Exceptional collaborations