The benefits of mountain sports

Dopamine, serotonin, cortisol… when the benefits of mountain sports boost your interior chemistry.

100% natural medical prescription

Unanimously voted by the medical community, the benefits of mountain sports on our physical and mental health are clearly evident. By simply moving our body, our brain is put in motion, which starts to secrete endorphins, hormones that vehicle a sensation of pleasure and appeasement. We can better understand why, for the past several years, doctors are prescribing in certain cases medically prescribed sports. Regular and moderate physical activity improves self-esteem, reduces depression and anxiety, all while protecting against certain diseases like diabetes, obesity or cardio-vascular problems. When physical activity is outdoors, or even better at high altitudes, the benefits are doubled (at 1800 meters, the oxygen present in the air is rarer and our organism compensates by producing more red blood cells). And the good news is that it is never too late to start enjoying mountain sports. The benefits of mountain sports go beyond a physical experience to reach the highest peaks. Invest in an idyllic setting where the benefits of mountain sports are intertwined with the epitome of prestige. Live an experience where nature and performance meet, redefining your idea of well-being.

When sports and nature come together

For thirty years, outdoor sports have known an increasing demand, a probable remedy for a sedentary way of life, but also a growing need to re-invigorate our lives by returning to nature. All of this associated with a desire to play with the elements: water, earth, air, snow. Thereby, the mountains make for a dreamy game-field bringing together liberty, vast spaces and a change of scenery where a myriad of activities are available: fun, extreme, well-being, discovery, and amical. Moreover, physical activity in mountain territories re-enforces a connection with nature, bringing an improved knowledge of our out-door environment while appreciating its fragility. This brings a greater awareness for environmental protection to the participants. An osmosis that resonates these words borrowed from Pierre Rabhi: “The nature offers both nourishment and healing for our bodies, fascinating the soul, the heart, and the spirit.”

Three good reasons for physical activity at our mountain destinations

Reason n°1:  increased mental balance

Physical activity, even when practiced with moderate intensity, stimulates hormonal secretions, in particularly dopamine and serotonin, the “happiness hormones” implicated in the state of well-being and regulation of emotions.  Sports also help reduce the production of cortisol – the stress hormone-, thus creating a sensation of calm and satisfaction. Far from being the latest trend, forest therapy, or forest bathing, is an ancestral practice in which the beneficial effects of trees impact on psycho-physio-emotional ailments.  As for yoga, it is increasingly outdoors, and goes very well with hiking, which invites meditation.

Zoom:  Yoga in the cold

Cold yoga, or Toumo, is an ancient Tibetan practice that involves voluntary exposure to the cold achieving multiple benefits.  In the open air – or even in frozen water – exposure to the cold optimizes metabolic functions and works on the mind, controlling thoughts, distancing emotions and regulating breathing.  Cold yoga brings a deep inner-connection, stress regulation and renewed energy, thanks to the regenerative power of the cold on body and mind.

Reason n°2:  re-create connections

Physical activity often acts as a powerful social bond, creating unique connections between individuals and fostering the learning of values such as fair play, respect, camaraderie and solidarity.  A source of new experiences and strong emotions, physical activity brings people together and creates bonds.


Whether sliding, rolling, flying or cogitating, there’s no limit to the number of activities that can be adapted to any need.  You can take part in these to challenge yourself, explore the natural beauty of the mountains and make memories as a family: tobogganing in all its forms, bike rides, forest rope courses, escape games or hikes…

Zoom:  Dog sledding

Dog sledding is an experience to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime, offering the thrill of gliding through a fabulous setting and a complete change of scenery, in osmosis with nature and the animals.  Whether you opt for classical ride or an introductory session to driving a dog team, there is always the promise of wonder and discovery – why not try as a family – the world of mushing.

Reason n°3:  Push the limits even further

Sport can be an invitation to step out of one’s comfort zone, to learn to push one’s limits and to get to know oneself better.  Small, successful challenges can be enough to boost self-esteem and confidence.  Perseverance, determination, the ability to overcome obstacles… rich in lessons, sports allow us to explore our capacities by discovering that surpassing ourselves is often possible beyond what we initially thought.

Skiing, climbing, paragliding, extreme zip-lining, survival courses, mountain biking… all offer unrivalled sensations and a unique connection with the wilderness of the mountains.

Zoom:  Ice diving

Ice diving is a unique, breathtaking underwater exploration experience in the 3 Valleys.  Wearing a wetsuit, get ready to immerse yourself in the icy waters of Lac du Lou and let your instructor guide you.  The underwater journey takes you between holes in the ice, in apnea, offering an unexpected spectacle of light and color.  A night-time torchlight option is available for the more experienced, for even more thrills.

More than just a physical activity, the benefits of mountain sports offer a journey to well-being and a connection with high-altitude landscapes.  Discover the heart of a mountain environment, in a prestigious luxury residence.