Mountain Property – Life in the Peaks

It is easy to understand why the property owners of Rising Stone apartment chalets spend an increasing amount of time in the high altitudes. Changing work habits allowing you to work from your office with a mountain view combined with the desire to enjoy each moment with family and friends all while improving health and life-style quality; Mountain – living is the ideal solution!

The winters, the choice altitude destinations which guarantee quality snow, the diversity of proposed activities translate to year-round enjoyment of these choice assets. For 94% of the French, the French mountains are among the greatest riches of natural heritage. When they are asked what they associate with vacation in the mountains, the answer of “Fresh Air” is highest on the list (50%). (Ground-breaking survey, by OpinionWay for the National Association of Mayors of Mountain Resorts).

The mountains, mighty and mesmerizing, have always represented a source of inspiration, a place that invites contemplation. More and more French citizens are choosing an investment that has a reputation to be “secure”. The mountains, with their natural beauty and their majestic character, have fascinated for centuries. The breath-taking countryside, the snowy peaks and the luscious green valleys offer an ideally peaceful setting. Investing in the mountains means offering the possibility to benefit from an exceptional environment on a daily basis, whether it be for holidays or for year-round living.

New ways of Travelling

Mountain tourism is equally changing. In the past few years new tendances have changed tourism. New terms like “slow-tourism”, means seeing less yet in a better way, “proximity tourism”, “mini-adventures” of 2 or 3 day stays or even “bleisure” which combines work and pleasure… these opportunities and periods to change scenery are becoming more frequent and varied. So much that the mountain resorts are transforming to offer richer year-round, four-season activities.