Luxury real estate is a safe haven

Many people dream of owning a second home in the mountains, where they can get away from it all and de-stress.

Some are turning this dream into reality, planning longer and longer stays in their cocoon. Facilitated by optimal conditions (all Rising Stone residences are equipped with fiber), telecommuting enables weekly occupancy of 3 or even 4 days. Other owners (90%) opt for a one-off occupation of the premises and rent the rest of the time. In all cases, buyers and their prospective tenants are assured of an optimal level of service, guaranteed by the quality of the premises (the Rising Stone signature is a guarantee of this) and the services offered by the integrated concierge services. At a time when many mountain residences are suffering from poor energy performance ratings - risking a rental ban - Rising Stone properties meet the most stringent energy requirements. This recognized intrinsic quality of our properties also ensures their value over time and their liquidity on the market. In fact, a unique, exceptional product can easily be resold, as demand for this type of very high-end property continues to grow, especially in world-renowned resorts such as the 3 Valleys.

The possibility of benefiting from the mechanism of reinvestment of funds for managers selling their company

Many managers are looking for ways to reduce their tax bill when selling their company. One way is to re-invest funds as part of a “contribution-cession” transaction, in order to benefit from article 150-0 B ter of the French General Tax Code, which exempts managers from capital gains tax on the sale.

At least 60% reinvested

The system involves reinvesting at least 60% of the sale proceeds in an SME. All the entrepreneur has to do is set up a company to house the property under management. In this case, the property is eligible for reinvestment. To optimize the operation, the acquiring manager can also give bare ownership of the shares to his heirs, while retaining the usufruct.

Expert support

Surrounded by the best experts in the field, Rising Stone enables its buyers to securely combine financial, notarial, tax and legal engineering, so that they can benefit from packages that meet the most demanding performance criteria. In an uncertain economic climate, investing in a tangible, secure and exclusive asset can outperform – in terms of risk/return ratio – other financial products such as stocks and bonds, company shares or commodities. Unlike commodities, which are also tangible, exclusive real estate like Rising Stone’s offers a return – a fundamental difference.