Rising Stone sublimates innovation

Thanks to our business expertise, our sharp sense of listening to the needs and dreams of our customers, we offer an innovative design and advanced, personalized features. All, for a level of comfort designed to last. It is not a question of gadgets but a true daily comfort, guaranteeing safety and pleasure, within luxurious and prestigious accommodations which you can call home.

See Beyond the Materials

Each exceptional program is an opportunity to include the fruit of new research. The creation of the Infinity View © Signed Rising Stone comes directly from the feedback of its customers desiring a continual optimal view, beyond the material. This is why this unique removable balcony, exclusively at Rising Stone, is under development on the Everest project.

Luxury, Listen to the Silence

Beyond feeling fully at home, silence soothes, improves concentration and stimulates the brain. Knowing how to listen with full awareness and living in total harmony with natural, these lifestyle practices have lead Rising Stone to become one of the few players to invest in this technical deployment. Accompanied by an acoustician on all our projects, our goal is to reduce the surrounding sound pollution from inside the chalet apartments.