Maison Rising Stone: Luxury Property Real-Estate Programs

The Maison Rising Stone delivers property programs in the Méribel ski resort, itself undergoing many changes. All the expertise in promotion, real estate construction and global solutions is specific to Rising Stone. The marriage of the work and know-how of artists, creators and craftsmen inspire and breathe new looks into the 3 Valleys, revealing new perspectives on the world of luxury and prestigious real estate in the mountains.

Each achievement is through the work of the talented, renowned architects and designers, who, inspired by curiosity, sensitivity and convictions, shape unique spaces for each of our buyers. Maximizing surfaces and circulation, avoiding the obstruction of natural light and different points of view, are the objectives of any Rising Stone creation. Investing in one of the chalet residences, acquiring a luxury property is much more than a financial transaction, it is a celebration of dreams transformed into reality, an approach and an ethic of exceeding expectations.

The Maison Rising Stone gives the same importance to the creation of living spaces and the architecture, rare tailor-made works with intemporal aesthetics combine noble materials and refined equipment with more efficient technologies. These intimate places are intended to strengthen family ties and will later be passed on from generation to generation. Here is an invitation to beauty, so that pleasure and investment come together as one.

The Maison Rising Stone in Key Figures

  • 16 000 m² Conceived, constructed and delivered in the 3 Valleys
  • 337 Prestigious apartments between 2018 & 2028
  • 22 Collaborators working full-time
  • 17 Programs achieved or in process of creation
  • 14 Architectes, architectes d’intérieur, artisans créateurs et ingénieurs de la construction

Values and commitments

The Rising Stone DNA and its timeless aestheticism are designed to make the customer the main subject of this “work of art”, which combines noble materials and refined equipment with the most advanced technologies. Construction in perfect harmony with its environment, and high quality finishes – visible and invisible – ensure the longevity of the structure and its beauty.

Benefits of the Maison Rising Stone

01. The investment in exclusive situations and destinations

Our strategic situations are chosen with great care at the foot of the slopes or on the water’s edge, so as to only offer the best of property choices. It takes us weeks to find exceptional real-estate, because we are convinced that investing in the perfectly situated luxury property in the most sought-out destinations is a safe-have value by excellence. Originally located at high altitude in the 3 Valleys, we are developing a new ski program at the foot of the Aurons, the booming ski resort of the Southern Alps. We are also working on a future project in Portugal, for an unequaled rental profitability.

02. The pleasure of sharing unforgettable moments

Inspired by our customers, created for them! A home created for you, to feel at home. A personally designed cocoon, bringing together all of those that are dear. Sharing cherished moments surrounded by those most important to us are indeed essential values in our approach to the profession of property developer. We create universes that bring together generations and ensure safety and profitability.

03. The work, the beauty, the creation

The Maison Rising Stone works with its own architects, interior architects, creative craftsmen and technicians for a combination of guaranteed confidence and excellence. By renewing the same teams with each project, the processes are continually improved for constantly optimized quality. Our creative artistic approach allows us to make chalets with strong DNA signed Rising Stone.

04. Tailor-made, without compromise

Because each customer is unique, each project is a personalized work, adapted to pre-defined needs and expectations. Our team provides owners with administrative, logistic and legal advice and assistance, upon handing over the keys. We fully custom design the interiors - from the smallest detail in the furnishings - thanks to our renowned interior architects.

05. A continuously evolving know-how, without compromise

Each new program is an opportunity to approach perfection. Much more than a job, we see a passion, a desire to satisfy both our clients and our own requirements. This involves ultra-premium materials and equipment integrated with no compromise. This includes the acoustics, an essential aspect of excellence, alas too often overlooked. An acoustician supports us in all our projects, he defines specifications of infinite rigor for the comfort of our clients.

06. From the first stages, Individualized 360° assistance

With the opening of the carpentry in Montmélian (Savoy), the tailor-made wood-working with our creative craftsmen and the integration of our construction engineers now allow us to answer this quest for excellence. This allows full control of our offer, from the land purchase to the final decorative touch. We offer a global solution through property and rental real-estate management.

From the genesis of the project to legal and fiscal procedures, to rental management, we guarantee serenity to our clients, by also providing them with a concierge service. The services are inspired by the requirements of the 5 -star hotel industry, including, for example, the rental of sports equipment, the provision of in-house chefs or the organization of private transfers. Our customers can fully rely on the Maison Rising Stone in each stage of the property, with complete discretion.

07. The environment, a key issue at each stage

Since its creation Rising Stone has been committedly in favor of sustainable development. As a mountain actor, we are naturally sensitive to the environment. The admirable sites in which the Maison Rising Stone evolves remind us daily of our eco-citizens' responsibilities. We owe the greatest respect to nature. Waste management is thus an integral part of our sustainable development approach. Staff and employees are sensitive and attentive to this question. We also worry about the environmental behavior of our suppliers by favoring a reduced carbon footprint for more responsible constructions.

08. Innovation to continuously improve performance

Listening to our customers and their needs, we are developing creations including high-tech services to continuously improve their comfort. Each new program is an opportunity to include the fruit of our research, such as our work on acoustics or the installation of the Infinity View © signed Rising Stone, a removable balcony so that the view is always optimal.

09. Tomorrow, from wellness to absolute good health

Our vision of tomorrow is to include in our real estate properties, wellness spaces endowed with the latest medical advances so that each chalet by its destination and its extensions becomes an area for wellness treatments (with sauna, Cold and/or hot baths, bodybuilding equipment, salt caves and spaces dedicated to breathing and/or nutrition).