Crossed perspectives

Inspiration from nature: a cross between Mike Horn and Jean-Thomas Olano

1 July 2024 • 5 min read


The meeting between Mike Horn and Rising Stone is no accident, but a natural alliance between two entities driven by deep, shared values. Mike Horn is a world-renowned explorer and adventurer, known for his extreme expeditions and daring journeys through some of the world's most hostile environments. He has achieved such incredible feats as solo circumnavigation of the globe without motorised means, expedition to the North Pole in winter and crossing the Amazon by hydrospeed.
Jean-Thomas Olano, founder of Rising Stone, and Mike Horn, world-renowned explorer, share a common vision of life, where nature, health, well-being and surpassing oneself are at the heart of their philosophy.


Mike Horn has spent his life exploring the remotest and wildest corners of our planet, and he continues to do so today. His attachment to nature and his understanding of its wonders and challenges are values he shares with Rising Stone. For Jean-Thomas Olano, every property project is an ode to the natural beauty that surrounds it. Rising Stone chalets and residences are designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape, allowing their occupants to reconnect with nature and refocus on themselves. Living in a Rising Stone chalet means embracing a life in symbiosis with nature, where every morning offers a new opportunity to marvel at an alpine sunrise.
Like Rising Stone, Mike Horn is a privileged witness to the fragility of nature. His expeditions often highlight the environmental challenges facing our planet. Rising Stone, with its sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to construction, shares this vision and strives to minimise the ecological footprint of its projects.


Health and well-being are at the heart of Mike Horn's and Jean-Thomas Olano's concerns. For Mike, each expedition is an opportunity to test the limits of his body and mind, to maintain optimum physical fitness and to recharge his batteries mentally. At Rising Stone, this quest for well-being translates into living spaces designed to promote good health. The chalets are equipped with gyms, spas, saunas and hot and cold baths, allowing residents to pamper their bodies and minds in a luxurious and soothing setting. Ideally located at the foot of the slopes, the chalets in the Alps allow you to enjoy winter or even summer sports in complete tranquillity.


Mike Horn is the epitome of going the extra mile, constantly pushing his limits to achieve incredible feats. This mentality is a source of inspiration for Jean-Thomas Olano and his team at Rising Stone.
"I love these projects simply because you find inspiration through nature-related activities. It's luxury, and luxury is never bad, because it makes you dream, and dreams are the wealth of the poor. As a poor explorer, I dream of having a beautiful chalet and that gives me the desire to live.
Mike Horn

Every property project is a new adventure, a challenge to achieve excellence. Jean-Thomas Olano firmly believes that setting ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them is the key to an exceptional quality of life. This philosophy of excellence and perfection is reflected in every detail of Rising Stone homes, where excellence is the norm.


Finally, Mike Horn and Jean-Thomas Olano deeply value sharing precious moments with their loved ones. For Mike, each expedition is an adventure to be shared, whether with his team-mates or through his inspiring accounts in books, conferences or documentary films. For Jean-Thomas, Rising Stone residences are gathering places, designed to create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Living in a Rising Stone chalet means having a refuge where you can meet up, celebrate precious moments and strengthen family ties in a setting of luxury and comfort.

The collaboration between Mike Horn and Rising Stone is much more than a partnership; it’s a convergence of life philosophies. Together, each in their own way, Mike Horn and Jean-Thomas Olano promote a vision in which nature, health, well-being and surpassing oneself are the pillars of a fulfilled life rich in experiences. Through their projects, they invite everyone to rediscover the true luxury of living in harmony with nature, setting ambitious goals, taking care of themselves and sharing priceless moments with their loved ones.