Crossed perspectives

Jean-Thomas Olano X Youri Duplessis Kergomard

7 June 2024 • 3 min read

Rising Stone has been sponsoring professional sportsmen and women for a number of years, giving preference to athletes who defend the colours of Méribel, because the two worlds of business and sport are so closely linked.

Rigour is the key.

In the daily life of Youri DUPLESSIS KERGOMARD, it's all about regular training and scrupulously respecting the principles of a healthy lifestyle to achieve the best physical and mental performance.
Jean-Thomas OLANO doesn't spare himself this discipline! Keeping on top of all deadlines to ensure the company's financial health, but also honouring his commitments to his customers and leading all his teams to the highest level. It's a tripartite task that demands a great deal of composure and rigour.
Between Youri and Jean-Thomas, there is a constant, almost natural, practice of effort and the awareness that ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ is a key, if not THE key, to success.

Team cohesion as an ambition.

Results depend on working together from the outset of each project. A coach and a company director have a clear strategic vision and define precise performance objectives. They know where they want to go and everyone coordinates the group's efforts and missions. Collaborative participation effectively leads the sportsperson or company towards the desired objective.
The fruit of this cohesion is shared and celebrated, it shines through and welds all the members together. Every best time by Youri and every delivery by Jean-Thomas creates a positive buzz and a strong feeling of belonging to the group. The professional athlete and the company director know very well that ‘alone we go faster, together we go further’.

Surpassing yourself as a motto.

Youri and Jean-Thomas share the same desire to win: to be better than their opponents or to stand out even more from their competitors. The sportsman will work to improve his performance so as to be on the top step of the podium, while the company director will invest in innovation and research to conquer new market share and win new customers.
Perseverance and endurance are the key to surpassing yourself. Youri and Jean-Thomas rise to each challenge and continue on the path they have mapped out over the seasons.