Megève, Courchevel, and Méribel: The Golden Triangle of Luxury Real Estate

27 June 2024 • 5 min read

Imagine a place in France that is home to an authentic Golden Triangle of luxury real estate. An area in the heart of the mountains, where forests cover wild and beautiful stretches of land and nature exerts her majestic dominion. This precious setting is none other than Savoie, and more specifically the Trois Vallées ski area.

With year-round activities, a vast range of amenities, an abundance of restaurants and shopping options, outstanding natural beauty, and a prestigious property market, this region is irresistibly attractive. The appeal of the Trois Vallées is undisputed, drawing investors looking to discover the perfect property gem.

I. Megève: authenticity and Savoyard charm

A. Megève in a few words
Megève is considered one of the most authentic villages in the French Alps. Having already been home to pilgrims in the 19th century, its traditional architecture is still very much a part of the landscape, blending harmoniously with new, luxury residences. As you stroll through its picturesque streets, you will discover Megève’s ancient religious sites and events showcasing local gastronomy.
As for the ski area, it extends across more than 250 miles, offering slopes for all ages and abilities.

B. The luxury real estate market in Megève
Neighborhoods such as Mont d’Arbois, Jaillet, and Rochebrune are slowly emerging in Megève, featuring more and more luxury residences including both apartments and chalets. Highly popular with tourists, these properties are also attracting investors thanks to their increasing value and the exceptional quality of life they offer.
With rental yields of between 2.5% and 4%, depending on the type of property, Megève represents a dynamic and promising market, where comfort and added value combine.

II. Courchevel: a prestigious, international resort

A. Courchevel in a few words
Courchevel is a world-renowned resort with slopes nestled between 3,609 and 8,983 feet of elevation. Combining a friendly atmosphere, a wealth of activities, and a cutting-edge gourmet food scene, Courchevel attracts many families looking to settle here. Most of the slopes wind through the fir trees, offering nature lovers an ideal, enchanting setting for skiing and snowboarding.

B. The luxury real estate market in Courchevel
Courchevel is home to several highly sought-after neighborhoods, where wooded chalets and luxury apartments stand proudly side by side. Whether in Courchevel 1850, Le Praz, La Tania, Courchevel Village, Moriond, or the Saint-Bon area, finding the property of your dreams in this resort couldn’t be simpler. Each of these neighborhoods offers an exceptional living environment, combining modern conveniences with Alpine charm.
The real estate market here is booming, complete with exciting rental yields. According to a study conducted by Courchevel Sotheby’s, a 323-538 ft. sq. apartment can generate a rental income of around €1,550, offering an attractive prospect for investors looking to capitalize on the resort’s international popularity and natural beauty.

Chalets in a snowy Alpine valley

III. Méribel: the heart of the Trois Vallées

A. Méribel in a few words
Located at 4,757 feet of elevation in the heart of the Trois Vallées ski area, Méribel is one of the region’s most popular villages. With its varied shows, exhibitions, and film screenings, it has become a dynamic cultural center in the heart of a breathtaking natural landscape. In terms of activities, its many ski slopes, hiking trails, dogsled experiences, and restaurants offer visitors and residents alike a wide range of options for entertainment and relaxation.

B. The luxury real estate market in Méribel
In Méribel, several neighborhoods are particularly sought-after, including Méribel-Mottaret, Méribel-Centre, Méribel-Village, and Méribel-Les Allues. Each one offers exceptional surroundings, flawless comfort, and uniquely luxurious chalets. Depending on your needs, some neighborhoods may be better suited than others, but all offer an exceptional quality of life.

Megève, Méribel, and Courchevel form an irresistible trio for lovers of winter sports, nature, and the uniquely welcoming atmosphere of the mountains. Regardless of which resort you opt for, you will enjoy the perfect context for personal fulfillment and all the benefits of living at altitude.

If you would like to invest in this Golden Triangle of luxury real estate, Rising Stone’s property professionals can help. Thanks to their expertise and solid advice, you will be able to make your luxury property acquisition project a reality with complete confidence – from start to finish.