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Luxury property developers: how to choose the right one

27 March 2024 • 5 min read

At its core, a real estate project is a dialogue between the buyer and their aspirations, the luxury property developer and their craftsmen, and the stone and the spaces into which it breathes life.

Imagining and designing your future home is a powerful commitment, steeped in emotions and hopes. Even before the first stone has been laid, a luxury real estate project is the realization of countless expectations from quality of life to heritage.

For a place that lives up to your expectations, it is essential that you select the right property developer. Someone who understands you, listens to you, and supports you with total transparency throughout the planning and construction phases, right up to the handover of the keys.

Understanding the developer’s role

A luxury real estate developer plays a crucial role throughout your property project. With the support of their team and highly skilled craftsmen, they oversee the creation, development, and sale of exceptional properties for a discerning clientele.

The developer’s expertise is called upon at every stage of the real estate project:

  • Selection of a premium site, defined by its location, rarity, and suitability for the future construction project.
  • Design and construction planning, in close collaboration with architects, interior architects, and designers capable of meeting the standards of luxury real estate: flawless exposure, perfectly mastered technical specifications, optimized living spaces, and elegant, refined aesthetics.
  • Construction and site supervision, ensuring the use of premium materials, technological innovations, sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction practices, and impeccable finishes. The aim is to create properties that stand out through their aesthetics, durability, and function.
  • Personalized customer service, answering all your questions at all times and offering you options for tailoring your future home, to create a space that resonates with your individual desires.
  • Consistent project management, with peerless coordination of all parties involved and seamless handling of any contingencies – right up to the final site visit and the handover of the keys to you, the new owner.

The main criteria for choosing a luxury real estate developer

There are many criteria to take into account when choosing a property developer who is serious, reliable, and respects all commitments (deadlines, responsiveness, quality of service, exceptional finishing touches).

The three most reliable indicators are track record, construction expertise, and the feeling of trust and attentiveness that develops from the very first meeting.

Track record analysis: customer reviews and previous projects

When choosing the most qualified developer possible, one of the best things is being able to rely on feedback from your customer network.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It is built through transparent communication about the successes and failures of past projects. An honest property developer will be able to tell you exactly what went wrong on previous projects, and how they overcame these difficulties. By talking together, not only will you be able to see the final results of the construction by comparing the original mock-ups with photographs of the site, but you will also be able to contact with former customers to obtain sincere, authentic opinions. After several months of dialogue and the joint design of new living spaces, some clients develop a real relationship of trust and closeness with their developer. There’s nothing like these sorts of recommendations to reassure you about the professionalism of your service provider!

Knowledge of materials, finishes, and techniques used in the construction project

One of the hallmarks of luxury real estate is the exceptional visible and invisible finishing touches throughout the building. A premium real estate expert will be able to provide you with detailed information on the choice of materials, finishing touches, and techniques used in every part of the future construction. You need to understand each of these choices by reading the brochure or talking directly to your luxury property developer. In luxury real estate, nothing is left to chance. Every detail has to be carefully considered.

The feeling of being heard and understood

In the luxury world, personalization is key. Make sure the developer is willing to adapt to your specific needs and tailor the property to your tastes and preferences. Your developer needs to listen to your needs.

At Rising Stone, we provide an interior designer so that each of our clients can enjoy a bespoke layout and therefore a space in harmony with their expectations and lifestyle.

Rising Stone, luxury real estate developer

According to Jean-Thomas Olano, President of Rising Stone, the what sets this company apart is the promise of a “stress-free investment.”

A team of experts (including craftsmen, project managers, architects, decorators, technicians, acousticians, and carpenters) is on hand to serve future buyers in creating luxurious properties on premium sites in the most exclusive destinations.

From Courchevel to Méribel and from Auron to Ferragudo, their combined expertise offers complete mastery of the project, from purchasing the land to putting the final touches on the decoration.

Combining quality craftsmanship, technological innovation, and a culture of authentic art de vivre, Rising Stone turns each luxury property into a work of art, much to the delight of its clients.

Celebrate life and its pleasures in a truly exceptional place!

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