Nature and the Art of preserving it

"Inspiring and soothing, nature lifts us up".

As mountain professionals, we are naturally sensitive to the environment. As creators of exceptional products, we admire the beauty of the mineral and organic nature that surrounds us.
 The admirable sites in which Rising Stone operates are a daily reminder of our duties and commitments.

Reducing carbon footprint

From innovative design to advanced features for ever more demanding levels of comfort, efficiency and durability, Rising Stone makes it a point of honor to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible for ever more responsible luxury construction.

Creating a carpentry workshop and promoting Savoyard know-how

Natural or bio-sourced insulation is made from renewable materials. What's more, to reduce our environmental footprint, we give priority to short supply chains. By setting up our own joinery only an hour from Méribel, with our own craftsmen and construction engineers, La Maison Rising Stone is able to master its creations with a constant concern for the environment. By emphasizing Savoyard know-how and local production, Rising Stone limits the need for imports and encourages local entrepreneurship.

Caring for water by returning it to nature

The other major environmental issue associated with building in the mountains is water management. Before starting work on a site, the land is waterproofed, which means that water from melting snow can no longer penetrate the earth. In order to avoid wasting water, Rising Stone implements a sophisticated system of re-injecting water into streams whenever possible, so as to continue to replenish the water table without disturbing the flora and fauna.

Investing in real estate with Rising Stone means choosing a luxury apartment that goes far beyond the financial aspect. It perfectly combines respect for the environment and the art of living for a pleasure-filled experience.