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Luxury Real Estate: A Golden Ticket to Cardiac Coherence

5 June 2024 • 5 min read

Luxury real estate: A Golden ticket to cardiac coherence

In a world where stress and a breakneck pace of life are often the norm, the search for harmony and well-being is becoming a priority. Claude Deglon, an expert in change management for individuals and organizations alike, agreed to talk about cardiac coherence, a powerful technique for achieving this sought-after balance. He helped to import the concept to Europe after meeting the HeartMath team in the USA. This method has the potential to profoundly transform our approach to personal and professional well-being.

Luxury real estate is a cornerstone in this search for balance and health. Rising Stone’s ambitious projects perfectly embody this vision, creating spaces that transcend the simple notion of luxury to become authentic sanctuaries of well-being and fulfillment.

The originis and foundations of cardiac coherence

Despite being practiced for more than 50 years, cardiac coherence was significantly developed in the 1990s by HeartMath. This revolutionary new approach demonstrated that combining positive emotions with breathing could not only improve the heart rate curve, but also have a positive impact on our physical and psychological well-being. From managing stress and emotions to improving sleep and mood disorders, cardiac coherence paves the way to a better quality of life.


The methode : Thre key steps

According to Claude Deglon, cardiac coherence is practiced in three simple stages: Breathing, bodily awareness, and the emotional and affective phase. This final stage leads us to a recovery zone, enabling our bodies to regenerate. With practice, the shift to regeneration becomes almost instantaneous. This encourages increased levels of positive emotions that can influence the way we think and act, reducing anxiety and promoting fulfilling encounters.


The practical application of cardiac coherence

Exactly how cardiac coherence is practiced varies based on different profiles. For example, for managers and professionals, personalized coaching is often used to navigate challenges specific to their environment. This method enables them to act and communicate calmly, make informed decisions, and optimize their performance on an ongoing basis – both physically and psychologically.


The Importance of environment: luxury real estate as a pillar of well-being

Our environment plays key role in our search for balance and fulfillment. The spaces in which we live and work must be designed to support our emotional and physical well-being. Luxury real estate, with its spaces devoted to calm, beauty, and harmony, offers the perfect setting for practicing cardiac coherence and maintaining personal balance.

A sanctuary of well-being

Luxury properties are often equipped with facilities to encourage regular exercise, spaces for relaxation and meditation, and a generally serene and inspiring environment. Whether spas, saunas, or indoor pools, the benefits of water are scientifically proven and contribute to an enriching and balanced living experience.

A space devoted to physical activity

Recognizing how essential physical exercise is for good health, Rising Stone incorporates cutting-edge sports facilities into its projects. A gym is an invitation to practice a regular physical activity, making exercise accessible without leaving the comfort of your own home. Physical activity helps you to restore balance to your life, develop your breathing, and boost your inner sense of well-being.

Technology and home automation for bespoke comfort

Rising Stone properties are equipped with advanced home automation systems, enabling residents to fully tailor their living environment to their needs. From temperature control to automated security systems, this technology offers unparallelled comfort, helping to create a serene, secure living environment.

Architecture that celebrates life

Cardiac coherence, as presented by Claude Deglon, offers an accessible method for improving our quality of life. Meanwhile, luxury real estate plays an essential and symbiotic role, offering a living environment that supports and amplifies the benefits of this practice. By using natural materials, maximizing sunlight exposure, and providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, exceptional residences encourage a deep connection with the environment while enhancing their occupants’ emotional and psychological well-being.

In our search for the perfect balance between body and mind, luxury real estate is proving to be far more than a simple lifestyle choice. It is becoming a fundamental partner in the practice of cardiac coherence and the pursuit of optimum well-being. Thanks to their thoughtful design and the harmonious integration of the latest technology, Rising Stone’s projects offer sanctuaries in which luxury meets health, where every detail is crafted to nourish both heart and soul. By choosing a home that resonates with the principles of cardiac coherence, we take another step towards a balanced, serene, and deeply enriching life. In this way, cardiac coherence is not limited to a personal practice; it is embodied in the very walls of our homes, transforming every moment into an opportunity to reconnect with our essence and celebrate life in all its splendor.