Discover the Auron ski resort

The village resort of Auron is an essential alpine destination offering unique travels for mountain-lovers. Situated in the heart of the French Maritime Alps, nestled in an exceptional setting, this destination is a lovely combination of elegance and mountain sports. With its spectacular landscapes and privileged location, Auron offers the perfect escape for nature lovers, sports and memorable moments in the heart of the alpine mountain peaks.

A Sporting Environment

The Auron ski resort offers a diversity of activities, whether it be in the winter with its breath-taking snowy ski slopes or in summer with its lavishly green hiking trails. Year-round, a warm atmosphere reigns at Auron, attracting travelers looking for thrills and fun. For winter sports enthusiasts, Auron offers an exceptional ski area, with slopes suitable for all levels. The dizzying descents and the breathtaking panoramas make this station an essential place for snow enthusiasts. In summer, the mountains let their white coat melt to become the paradise of summer sports lovers. Auron is transformed into a summer playground where outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a multitude of sports activities: hiking, mountain biking and water sports.

An Authentic Village

Auron is not limited to a simple ski destination, it is an art of living where authenticity meets refinement. Traditional restaurants, craft shops and cultural events help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The central plaza surrounds the ice rink, center of village entertainment and daily activities. In Auron, accommodation is distinguished by a discreet elegance, offering an exceptional experience. Housed in the heart of nature, chalets and hotels are invitations for relaxation and well-being. Each stay in the mountains is rejuvenating. The chalets, integrated harmoniously into their environment, offer an exceptional living environment.

Auronais restaurants

The restaurants of the Auron resort are renowned for their refined cuisine, highlighting local products. In a cozy atmosphere, each meal developed with care is a unique moment. A culinary experience where every detail is designed to awaken the taste buds and satisfy the most demanding palates.

A privileged access from Cannes and Nice

Located at a short distance from Cannes and Nice, the Auron resort offers privileged access to winter and summer pleasures. Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the immaculate slopes of the station, while Mediterranean waters are calling for summer relaxation. This geographical proximity allows Auron visitors to navigate easily between the snowy Alpine peaks and the sunny beaches of the Côte d’Azur. A diversity of experiences is at hand, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to appreciate the two universes.

Investing in an Auron chalet

Investing in a chalet in Auron is a safe-haven investment combining luxury, modernity and comfort in the heart of the Alps. These exclusive properties respect local architecture, for a safe and prestigious investment. Rising Stone chalets in Auron represent a unique opportunity to invest in an exceptional situation. In this enchanting framework, the realization of your real-estate project becomes reality. Auron welcomes its visitors to discover the perfect harmony between Alpine authenticity, refined elegance and exceptional nature. A total change of scenery, within its village resort with inevitable charm.