Discover the Ferragudo Hills resort

Located a few minutes’ walk from the center of the village, Ferragudo Hills is an exceptional destination. The village is located within 5 minutes from Carvoeiro and Portimao, it asserts itself as one of the most popular destinations in the Algarve. Its advantageous location, situated on a hill overlooking the Rio Arade, gives it an unrivaled charm and preserves it undoubtedly from an excessive urbanization.

Sun-filled beaches

Ferragudo reveals its beaches, which are greatly admired by many visitors, especially during the summer season. Both by its sea of bright blue and by its orchards adorned with emblematic trees such as almond, fig, or carob trees. Captivated by the charms that are offered, the inhabitants enjoy this peaceful cocoon.

Ferragudo, in the heart of the Algarve region

The village of Ferragudo presents itself as a work of living art, making for one of the most magnificent postcards in the Algarve. A majestic hill adorned with typical houses, delimited by a stone wall that separates the land and the sea. In the backdrop, the Portimão panorama takes shape, where the masts of the sailboats are elegantly emerging in the marina. Located in the warm region of the Algarve, Ferragudo, a village in Lagoa, extends over 5.41 km² and houses a population of 2000 inhabitants. The name "Ferragudo" has its origin from the apparatus positioned on the beach, dedicated to lifting fish and bulky goods from boats to firm land.

A large gustative variety

Ferragudo is distinguished by a selection of carefully chosen restaurants, offering great diversity to please and adapt to all palates. The restaurants in the Ferragudo region highlight unique gastronomic experiences. These restaurants are distinguished by various menus that satisfy a local and international clientele. An exceptional culinary experience, sublimated by a magnificent setting of deserted, immaculate sandy beaches.

Excellence accessible within a few kilometers

From Faro International Airport, a taxi service, available at the exit, leads to Ferragudo in an hour, offering a comfortable travel experience. If the choice of the train is more attractive, just go to the center of Faro, where a train towards Portimão leads to Ferragudo.

Luxury apartments of Ferragudo Hills

The apartments stand out for their elegance and refinement. This exclusive residence offers an exceptional life experience, perfectly combining the modernity and charm of Algarve. The Rising Stone apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedrooms, testify to architectural know-how and are imbued with a sophisticated atmosphere. Each detail is carefully designed to create a luxurious living space, with high-end equipment and impeccable finishings. Residents benefit not only from privacy in their home but also from a privileged proximity to local attractions, making Ferragudo Hills the ideal choice for those looking for an exclusive lifestyle.