Interview Laurent Paolini, architect


Presentation of Laurent Paolini

I’m 38 years old and I set up my own architecture firm at the age of 22, just after graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Over the years, I have specialized in the luxury property sector. My job is to form a bond with customers, to understand their expectations. I’m passionate about the fact that every project revolves around people, who become the central and essential focus.

A team of architects renewed from project to project

Laurent PAOLINI has been one of Jean-Thomas OLANO’s close friends from the start. As graduate of the Ecole des
Beaux-Arts and head of LP Architecture, he brings his expertise and innovative vision to transform each project into an architectural achievement as prestigious as it is unique.

In what manner do you collaborate on the Rising Stone projects ?

A large family has developed around Jean-Thomas. As an architect, I’m the initial sculptor of the building. But offering customers the most perfect structure is a team effort, with each person contributing their own knowhow and sensitivity. I work closely with Nadia and Malek HABEL, technical architects, and Anne-Sophie and Jean-Marc MOUCHET, interior designers, combining our expertise to create comfortable, mountain-friendly homes.

What is your vision of mountain architecture ?

My architectural style is in tune with the setting in which I express myself, ensuring that the building blends into its natural environment. In Méribel, for example, to preserve the resort’s authenticity, the town planning regulations are extremely restrictive – even down to the width of the wooden slats or the depth of the balconies. This context calls for extra ingenuity in designing prestigious chalets with a distinctive touch, unlike any other. One example is an adjustable balcony designed for one customer, which disappears on demand to reveal the exceptional view. In each new project, we work to provide our customers – people accustomed to ultra-luxury – with original solutions in
terms of innovation, technology, and well-being, while also integrating all the constraints listed in the specifications.
At Rising Stone, we are committed to minimizing the impact of our activity on the environment through tangible actions.
For example, we have our own sawmill which recycles unused wood cladding. Respecting the environment while enjoying ourselves and delighting.

“Constraint boosts creativity”