Interview of Nadia and Malek Habel, architects DPLG

A creatively synergistic duo

What does your work involve ?

We work on the architectural design of projects based on feasibility studies carried out jointly with Laurent PAOLINI, also an architect for Rising Stone, who focuses on the exterior architecture and design. Our work encompasses all interior elements, from the distribution of apartments depending on their typology to the layout of communal areas. Most of our residences also feature leisure and wellness spaces.

What makes your collaboration with Rising Stone so unique ?

Rising Stone is a brand focused on excellence, designing exclusively high-end projects. This means constantly challenging ourselves to come up with increasingly innovative solutions. Customer relations are the cornerstone of our business, which makes it such a fulfilling experience. Whether combining apartments, opening up spaces, or moving ceilings to create
extraordinary penthouses, we’re lucky to work on often extravagant projects only limited by our imaginations! Constantly pushing ourselves to create unique, bespoke products is a source of enormous satisfaction.

What are your sources of inspiration ?

In each of our creations, we are naturally inspired by the stunning mountain environment. Charlotte Perriand is also a great source of
inspiration for us, with her avant-garde approach to design, harmoniously blending aesthetics and functionality, while placing well-being at the heart of her thinking. This is also our philosophy.

«Offering what are often extravagant solutions is what makes it so magical to work for an elite brand such as Rising Stone».