Acquiring luxury real estate

Buying a luxury property is an experience that combines refinement, prestige and investment. In this exclusive world, every step of the acquisition process is meticulously orchestrated, requiring unique market expertise. That's why Rising Stone accompanies every customer, from the seasoned buyer to the first-time buyer.

Finding the ideal situation

Convinced that location is the primary criterion for luxury property investment, we take great care in selecting exclusive, first-class plots of land that offer tranquility, privacy and unobstructed views, whether at the foot of the slopes or on the sea’s edge.

A situation that is together with you and brings you together

None of our deliveries are made by chance. We take the time to listen to all our customers' needs, to understand them and to provide the right answers. We adapt our apartments to suit your style, tastes and desires, to create a unique and reassuring experience where every elegant moment creates an exceptional reality.

The creation of a luxury asset

The asset is brought to life in 3D by our architects and perspective artists, then shaped in our own wood-working facility in Montmélian by our construction engineers, craftsmen-creators and technicians. We use the same teams from project to project, constantly improving our practices and striving for perfect mastery of the gest. The entire production chain is treated with the same exacting standards, and decisions are taken exclusively by us to guarantee a top-quality finished product that meets the expectations of all parties. In the quest to create a luxurious property, our dedicated team of experts ensures a harmonious collaboration where every detail is meticulously crafted, offering the assurance of a safe process, signature of prestige and excellence.

The final touch

Our architects and craftsmen design the entire interior layout; from the furniture to the extra half-degree of temperature in the living room, everything is tailor-made. Evolving technologies and high-tech equipment such as home automation and audio-visual equipment are an integral part of our luxurious creations, so you can enjoy the experience of a stay in a chalet apartment with total peace of mind.

A complete prestigious management

Rising Stone supports its customers throughout the project, before and after. From administrative, legal and tax formalities to property management, the company works with its customers to structure the management of their investment and guarantees peace of mind by providing a five-star inspired hotel concierge service. In the quest to create luxury properties, our dedicated team fuses the art of architecture, design and construction. Each step is executed with unparalleled precision. We are committed to exceeding expectations, delivering not only luxury property, but also an exclusive experience. In choosing Rising Stone, our customers are choosing a rare achievement where every detail is meticulously crafted, reflecting a distinguished lifestyle.