Léopold B.

Satisfied customer

The mountains, a love story

Our love affair with the mountains is engraved in our memories, each winter season being an invitation to family reunions, shared emotions and a life full of intensity and sport.
Over the years, the idea of owning a pied-à-terre in the 3 Vallées matured within me, but I was always on the lookout for the rare pearl. My past experiences with other developers and estate agents had left a few scars: their promises of 'haute couture', 'personalisation' and 'skis on your feet' often turned out to be nothing more than empty words. The properties they delivered all looked the same, and access to the ski slopes was a distant dream.

An encounter

That's where I found Jean-Thomas, a developer who approaches every project from the perspective of a customer and an investor. He told me one day that my first victory would lie in the asset performance of my new acquisition. And he was right.
When we started designing our flat, I could already feel the difference. The finishes, the fittings, the materials chosen - everything screamed excellence.
From the moment we walked through the door, an atmosphere of well-being enveloped every corner of this beautifully designed space. Words cannot do justice to the sense of satisfaction we feel every time we cross the threshold of our home in Méribel.

Between pleasure and investment, choose both

Jean-Thomas' team was there to listen at every stage of the process, from the design of our flat to its delivery. And the adventure didn't stop there. Today, we benefit from the seasonal rental, concierge and property management services they offer.

What a comfort, what a time-saver, what a pleasure it is to enjoy Méribel, while realising that my investment is not only performing well from an asset point of view, but is also extremely gratifying for my family. If you're dreaming of top-of-the-range property in the Alps, look no further.

Léopold B.