Interview Interior Designers JeanMarc & AnneSophie Mouchet

The Confidential Collection: The Peaks Inspired Design

Jean-Marc & Anne-Sophie Mouchet

The Confidential Collection, is the association of Jean-Marc Mouchet, interior designer with a dual training from the Beaux-Arts and Applied Arts AND his wife Anne-Sophie Mouchet, interior decorator with a rich experience in international marketing. These experiences translate to a constant surveillance of the evolutions in the luxury property market, permitting varied style propositions. Their talents are complimentary. Jean-Marc sets himself apart with a prestigious interior design style which goes beyond simple decorating, allying the most minute detail when designing furniture, lighting or carpeting. Combining their two worlds, Jean-Marc and Anne-Sophie create a unique ambiance to each living space. From the most refined to the most fantastic, from the most radical and capricious geometrical forms, opening the doors of the mind for evasion. Moreover, Anne-Sophie developed a collection of books (The White, Sewing, Craftsmanship at its Culmination and Expectations). The meeting.

In what manner do you collaborate on the Rising Stone projects?

It is a long-term collaboration.  Jean-Thomas Olano chooses to keep the same team on all of the projects, creating an ease for exchanging information.  We have learned to work together and overtime we’ve elaborated and improved the tools necessary to optimize the information management.  It is also an essential point which allows us to work on a project with a durable global vision.  This represents a sign of quality and confidence for our customers.  We are in daily contact with the conception team concerning layout questions, distribution of spaces, technical constraints or other specific client requests.  We equally have close ties with the project management team, Jérémy Merlen and his team.  Furthermore, and this is not a small detail, we share the same common human values.  We appreciate each other and are happy to work together, which is very pleasant.

Could you define your DNA?

We take on each project according to a strong, well-thought identity, in a global manner. We like finding a common thread. Each residence is personalized by the creation of custom signage and coating finishes. An example would be the Village of l’Orée in Meribel, here we used a specific wall covering created in collaboration with the Lacroix skis, a code color of blue, white, and red as found at the resort. The customized layouts in the shape of skis, laser-cut with the name of each apartment.

Do you have any flagship materials?

As interior designers with origins in Savoy, France, we are mountain lovers with a very strong experience in modernity, our approach is to revisit the mountain codes. As a restaurant chef updates local recipes adding new ingredients, we update the mountain interiors to create authentic, modern interiors. In that respect, the basic ingredients remain old wood or larches, which in our eyes are the most warming and most necessary in a chalet ambiance, and stone and metal. To these ingredients, we add other materials: wall coverings, stretched canvasing, games of mirrors, associated with a large palette of paints. As in a recipe, the importance is in the right proportions of these materials and in the choice of the positioning, which allows us to enhance their beauty.

From the imaginary to reality, 3D modeling

We have internally integrated 3D modeling for the past 20 years. The 3D phase is just after the architectural plans and allows us to have a definitive vision with materials and lighting and to adjust certain interior architectural details and decorating. For us, but also and especially for our clients, the 3D modeling is an exceptional support which enormously eases the choices and validations up to the smallest detail in our luxury chalets. This modeling also allows us to show clear visual representation, which is an inestimable aide. In recent months we have gone even further by proposing virtual reality visits. The clients are completely immersed. They can navigate and visit their apartment with background music or other sounds. We have gone to another dimension!

The interview with Jean-Marc and Anne-Sophie Mouchet for the Confidential Collection has given us a fascinating view of their approach to architectural and interior design. Their harmonious fusion of skills gives birth to prestigious creations going beyond simple decorating. This brilliant collaboration is felt in their partnership with Rising Stone, where the team mind-set solidifies a fluid communication and a global vision of each project. The constant search for longevity is witness to their engagement towards quality and trust, therefore offering their clients an exceptional experience.