Interview of Jérémy Merlen, technical director

Technical Director and Deputy General Manager

Presentation of Jérémy Merlen

érémy MERLEN, a general engineer working in construction project
management, joined the Rising Stone team more than three years ago as Deputy General Manager and Technical Director. He was instrumental in the creation of a special partnership with Astarte, a joinery company founded to meet the needs of the Rising Stone group.

How did this adventure begin ?

Over the last year and a half, we’ve expanded our joinery business to meet the meticulous specifications established by the architects and engineers of the Rising Stone group. Our high standards mean that we have to bring together a team of creative craftspeople who are experts in their trades and production techniques. By way of example, we have just been joined by three traditional craftsmen. The joinery business is separate from the Rising Stone group, but it is part of a special partnership providing genuine support in this very specific field.

How many people are in the team today ?

There are 15 of us between the workshop and site supervision: 7 people in the workshop and project management (including 3 journeymen) and around ten full-time employees for installation, a team that we supplement from time to time during peaks in activity. It's a fairly young team, so the idea is to grow together and develop our skills. We're all proud of what we've achieved so far.

What advantages did this company give the group ?

We are highly responsive, and our know-how enables us to maintain control over all value and production chains. Our agility comes from our deep knowledge of our business and trades, and the strong synergies we have with all players involved. Our buyer, Rising Stone, supports all our teams in sourcing the opperforming products, identifying new solutions, ensuring availability of materials, and managing stocks, all in compliance with the specifications
provided by Rising Stone.

What about the level of quality ?

Quality control runs at an extremely high level, covering the entire production chain right through to installation. Site supervision is managed by team leaders. Every craftsperson knows what they have to do and how they have to do it. There’s no room for chance in a Rising Stone project. As a result, the delivery of a program always meets all the architects’ requirements.

Can you give us examples of your high standards in terms of finishes ?

One of our signatures is the use of vintage wood. We are very strict about quality and batch uniformity. Our trademark for laying and assembling vintage wood paneling and flooring is all about an ultralinear finish, with few or no gaps between the boards and extremely sharp, flawless edges. This calls for specific installation and gluing techniques to achieve a clean, precise result that holds up very well over time.

What is your vision for the future of joinery ?

We are highly attuned to the market, trends, and manufacturing techniques, and we constantly innovate and invest in our pursuit of excellence. Recruiting new expert talent is one of the levers we use to grow and develop. Our mission is to consistently move our business upmarket and surround ourselves with people who share our vision. This is how we stand out in our sector, as a manufacturer of luxury products; premium products just don’t exist to this extent in the building industry.

An innovation by Rising Stone

A one-of-a-kind, adjustable balcony whose wooden railing retracts
to give way to an infinite view of the panorama. This idea was conceived by the company’s architects and is currently being developed in Rising Stone’s workshops, which stop at nothing to satisfy and surprise their customers.