Salomé Monpetit interview: Bringing art to everyone

Matchwithart: Games, art…and Game!

Introducing Salomé Monpetit

With more than 23000 followers on the Instagram account Matchwithart, Salomé Monpetit poses in front of artworks with which she merges to sensibilize her public with the creations.  Behind the photo are reflection, engagement, and passion.  An interview with a chameleon with innovative ideas.

What is your background?

I studied digital marketing in the luxury industry and quickly directed myself toward art, because this is the purest form of luxury, answering to no specific requirements. After having worked for an auction house, I completed an MBA specialized in art markets.

What inspired the idea of Matchwithart?

I am attracted to modern art and I wanted to show that it is not inaccessible.  I imagined that when we place someone in front of a work of art, it personifies it, bringing down the constraints.  The “chameleon” side was a good idea to attract attention to the artwork!  It was simply a passion at the beginning.  At the end of 2021, I signed my first paid contract and I got started!  The collaborations arrived quickly, first museums, then large companies, then art exhibits and auction houses…the idea is to bring people to the exhibitions and galleries to show them that art is not reserved only for an elite class.

What are the steps to create a photo?

I find an art piece and I go to see it. Then I search on-line for clothing that will match, essentially in the luxury market. I don’t want to go towards fast fashion. The research can take several hours or days! The goal is not to communicate the brands, I want to have followers that are only interested in art. Then, I retouch the photos and write some text to present the work and the artist.

Future projects?

I would like to promote the auction houses that have been left in the background, when they are truly museums!  This makes me come out of photo-matching process.  I am thinking of something new, while maintaining my current audience and my identity.

Salomé Monpetit is without a doubt the purest chameleon in the art world. Explore her Instagram account to discover brightly colored photos, tasteful work and precision, all with a luxury signature.