Purnell and Rising Stone collaboration

A bold collaboration combining exceptional watchmaking craftsmanship with architectural excellence, redefining luxury at every turn.

Great Kinetic Art

Purnell was created three years ago, when an entrepreneur, Maurizio Mazzocchi, and a conception genius, Eric Coudray, produced the spherion, a unique movement combining technological feat and aesthetics.


“I immediately knew with certitude that this movement deserved to have its own unique brand.  I was convinced that there was a place for this exclusive, unique and yet so modern watch.  It especially provokes a visual emotional.  I threw myself completely into the project.”  Explains M. Mazzocchi.


The Purnell watch changes the codes of the watchmaking and defies the laws of gravity.  The spherion is a whirlwind that turns on 3 axes.  It is the movement that requires the most energy in the world, with 6 cylinders that supply constant energy allowing the tourbillon to turn in all directions.  “Eric Coudray had already developed the movement on two axes, but with 3 we are at the summum of harmony, the kinetic.” Explains the entrepreneur.

The be-all, end-all of craftsmanship

A Purnell watch uses over 50 professions and represents eight months of work. In order to minimize the needs for power, the titan is the privileged material, very light but difficult to manipulate in miniature settings. “A cage of spherion weighs less than 0,8g! It’s the pinnacle of craftsmanship, only a few people in the world are capable of manipulating this caliber. Certain details are not necessary, but for the beauty of the gest, the finishing touches, to decorate this piece as it deserves, we are being overzealous. We are adding stones on a cage made of titan, small, almost invisible indexes in white gold…On the other side, it is a piece with a strong identity, that we can see from afar. There is an incredible double prism.” Continues M. Mazzochi

Limited Edition: between carbon, gold and sapphires, the art of Purnell technology in 70 to 80 annual pieces

The production is limited to 70 or 80 pieces per year.  Carbon, gold, precious gemstones like transparent sapphire sublime this unique technology.  “Without thinking of the price, nor even industrial or commercial logic, we are creating a standard collection and personalized models in full accordance with standard practices.  When an object is so exceptional, there are most certainly connoisseurs.”